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IGNOU Assignments

IGNOU MBA SOlved Assignment 2012 MBA solved assignment

Dear IGNOU MBA Students You can now download IGNOU MBA solved assignments of 2012 session. These assignments are uploaded to help you know the pattern of the answers in solving your assignments. Please do not copy the whole answer as it can lead you into trouble, just try to write all the answers as long [...]

IGNOU BCA SOlved Assignment 2012 BCA solved assignment

Dear IGNOU BCA students You can now download IGNOU BCA solved assignment of 2012 session. Below is the table of solved assignment that are available to download free of cost. Many subjects are still not solved, they will be posted here soon, therefore press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page and keep visiting for latest solved [...]

Download IGNOU BCA CS-68 Free Solved Assignments of June 2011 Download IGNOU BCA CS-05 Free Solved Assignments of June 2011 Download IGNOU FST-01 free Solved Assignments of June 2011

Download IGNOU BCA CS-68 Free Solved Assignments of June 2011 Download IGNOU BCA CS-05 Free Solved Assignments of June 2011 Download IGNOU FST-01 free Solved Assignments of June 2011

IGNOU MBA MS-07 Free Solved Assignment 2012

Course Code              :           MS -07 Course Title               :           InformationSystem for Managers    Assignment Code      :           MS-07/TMA/SEM- 1/2012 Coverage                    :           AllBlocks     Q1.What are the main types of software?What are the advantages of open-source software? Describe the decision makingprocess of acquiring application software. Solution: Main Types of Software Programming Software: This is one ofthe most commonly [...]

IGNOU MBA MS-06 Solved Assignments 2012

Course Code                 :        MS – 6 Course Title                  :        Marketing for Managers Assignment Code                    :        MS-6/TMA/SEM – I /2012 Coverage                       :        All Blocks Q1.a) Explain the concept of Marketing and substantiate the significance in modernorganization in accomplishment of their objectives. Solution:- The termmarketing has changed and evolved over a period of time, today [...]

IGNOU MS-02 Free Solved Assignment 2012

Note: Answer all the questions and submit this assignmenton or before April 30, 2012, to the coordinator of your study center.   Q1.How do you see the role of HRM changing in the present day contextof business? What are the new mandates of HRM? Explain with the example of theorganization you have been working for [...]

IGNOU MBA MS-21 Free Solved Assignment 2012

Course Code              :           MS- 21 Course Title               :           SocialProcesses and Behavioral Issues Assignment Code      :           MS-21/TMA/SEM- I/2012 Coverage                    :           All Blocks     Q1.Discuss the paradigm shiftof work culture and the related issues in the present day context.  Briefly describe the factors oforganizational relevance.   Solution:  Work culture in Indian organizations hasassumed a far greater [...]


Course Code : MCS-015 Course Title : Communication Skills Assignment Number : MCA(1)/015/Assign/2012 Maximum Marks : 100 Last date of submission : 30th April,2012 Answer all questions. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation. Question 1: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: Thanatos, the god of death, is one of the [...]

IGNOU MBA MS-1 Free Solved Assignment 2012

1.  What are the essential components of an effectiveMIS and why? Describe the MIS of an organization, known to you or you arefamiliar with, giving detailed description and critically evaluate itseffectiveness. Briefly describe the organization, you are referring to. Solution: Componentsof a marketing information system   A marketinginformation system (MIS) is intended to bring together disparate [...]

IGNOU ASP-01 Free Solved Assignment 2012

1. A private secretary isexpected, if necessary, to sacrifice his personal interest for his employer.” Elaborate. Solution: Yes private secretary is expected to sacrifice his personal interestfor his Employer. Below are the roleplayed by private secretary to make his Employer Satisfied: A private secretary is asenior position in a company or public organisation, normally in [...]