IGNOU M.com Solved Assignments January 2012

Download IGNOU M.Com Free Solved Assignments of 2012. IGNOU4U has uploaded on demand of IGNOU M.com Students . For now we have uploaded IGNOU M.com IBO-03 and IBO-06 of 1st Year Assignment and will soon upload other subjects of M.com 1st and 2nd year solved Assignments.

4 thoughts on “IGNOU M.com Solved Assignments January 2012

  1. irfan Reply

    Please send me the assignments of IGNOU M.Com IBO-01 Solved Assignment 2012, and IGNOU M.Com IBO-05 Solved Assignment 2012,
    Thank you so much

  2. preeti Reply

    Pls send me solution of IBO-1 and IBO-5.and thank you for IBO-2,3,4,6

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